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As a contractor in the construction industry, there is a good deal of risk inherent in the business. The most obvious examples involve the risk of injury to workers or damage to equipment, but there is also a good deal of risk associated with the interdependence of subcontractors on each other during a major construction project. If other contractors neglect their functions, your part of the project may be delayed, or made more difficult, and in some cases the risk of problems can extend well beyond the end of construction. You need to have a way to protect yourself against the mistakes of other contractors; to be sure that the mistakes of others do not hurt your company.

Are you interested in protecting your contracting firm from the risks involved in the construction business?  Speak with a dedicated construction lawyer today to discuss your many options.

In order to protect your business, and your employees, it is important to have a risk management plan in place from the beginning. From ensuring that any contract you sign will help protect your interests to installing processes during the construction process, to handling any litigation that may arise, an experienced Colorado construction attorney can minimize the risk that you take on with your project. The law is extremely complicated as it relates to a large construction project, partly due to the large number of entities involved. It is important to have an expert working with you to maximize your protection against loss.

Jeffrey Knoll is a Denver construction attorney who has over thirty years of experience as a trial attorney. Through his years of experience, he understands the construction process and can work with your firm through every step. From the initial contract, through the project, and any litigation that may arise, Jeff has the experience that you need to minimize the financial risk to your firm. While there will always be risk involved in any construction project, an outstanding construction attorney can be the cornerstone of a solid risk management process. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION contact Jeff at (303)985-1185.

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