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According to, Terry Boyd, a roofing subcontractor working at The Breakers apartment complex in east Denver has not been paying his workers, and there appears to be some discrepancy between what Boyd told his workers and the contract that he signed for the work. The contract does not appear to have been for enough money to cover the wages that his workers say he promised them, and after two weeks of work, they were not paid, although 9News believes that Boyd was paid. As a result of this situation, he was fired, and many of the workers have been hired on with a new subcontractor that was hired to replace the original one.

Of course, it is impossible to know the true details of this situation, but it points to a problem that is unfortunately not as uncommon as one might hope in the construction industry: disputes between subcontractors on a job. While it will take some time for this particular situation to fully resolve itself, any subcontractor has probably had a dispute on some level with a general contractor or another subcontractor. In most cases, these disputes may be able to be mediated without involving the courts, but contractors, need to protect their businesses in the event of a disagreement arising from a job dispute.

If you are a contractor who is involved in a dispute with another contractor, or some other agency regarding a job that you have been hired for, speak with an experienced Colorado construction lawyer as soon as possible. Jeffrey Knoll in a Colorado construction attorney who has experience mediating disputes between contractors, as well as disputes between contractors and other agencies. Moreover, if your situation cannot be satisfactorily resolved in mediation, Jeff can take your case to trial if necessary and get you the best possible outcome. For more information, and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact Jeffrey Knoll at (303)985-1185.

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