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New Bill Would Toughen Hit and Run Penalties | Denver Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Representative Rhonda Fields, of Aurora has introduced a new bill to the Colorado legislature which would toughen the penalties for hit-and-run drivers in the state, according to CBS Denver. In 2009 the state passed a law that toughens the penalties for hit-and-run drivers in fatal accidents, but hit-and-run drivers who cause serious but not fatal […]

1 in 7 Drivers are Uninsured – Denver Car Accident Attorney

The USA Today reports that nearly one out of every seven drivers in the United States is uninsured.  49 out of 50 states, including Colorado, require all drivers to be insured; however the Insurance Research Council estimates that 13.8% of motorists nationwide are uninsured.  That number is even higher here in Colorado.  At about 15%, […]