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New DUI Program Involves DUI Victims | Denver Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Denver Drunk Driving Victims lawyers

According to FOX 31 News, around 10,000 fatal DUI related crashes occurred in the year 2011. In an attempt at reducing this number, a new program aimed at lowering the number of repeat driving while drunk offenders is pairing DUI victims with people who have been arrested for DUI offenses. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving [...]

Pedestrian Involved in Fatal Hit and Run | Lakewood Pedestrian Accident Attorney


Vehicles often have a hard time seeing pedestrians, especially at night. Pedestrians need to be extra careful when walking along side the road. According to The Denver Post, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle that did not stop. The incident occurred around 10pm in Lakewood on West 10th Avenue near Sheridan Boulevard. [...]

Hit And Run Driver Caught | Aurora Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Denver Drunk Driving Victims lawyers

According to , a woman who ran a red light at 35th and Tower Road, causing a deadly crash, has been aprehended and charged with several criminal offenses, including vehicular homicide. A woman driving a Dodge Intrepid ran a red light, hitting a Ford F-150 truck, then ran away from the scene. The Ford, [...]

2 Social Workers Charged in Wrongful Death Case | Denver Wrongful Death Lawyer


Fatal injuries to children are devastating to the entire community. Children are our future and it is our responsibility to take care of them to the best of our ability. According to The Denver Post, two social workers have had a lawsuit filed against them in a wrongful death case involving a 7 year old [...]

Trick-or-Treating Tragedy Leaves One Dead – Denver Wrongful Death Attorney


Losing a loved one due to a negligent drunk driver is an extremely painful experience. Yahoo News reported about a tragedy in Las Vegas, leaving a 12 year old girl dead after being hit by a car while trick-or-treating on Halloween. Along with family and friends, the girl went from house to house collecting candy [...]