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Bus Accident Leaves Man Severely Injured | Denver Public Transportation Accident Attorney

According to CBS News, a man traveling by bus was ran over and severely injured after slipping upon exiting the bus. The accident occurred at a bus stop located at West Colfax Avenue and Mariposa Street in Denver. The man slipped immediately after getting off the bus and fell under the Regional Transportation District bus […]

Winter Brings ER Visits | Denver Spine Injury Lawyer reports on the fact that winter is a busy time for emergency rooms. Of course, it makes perfect sense that accidents are likely to result as snow and ice accumulate on roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. An emergency doctor who was interviewed by 9 News indicated that the most common weather-related injuries that are […]

Sidewalk Snow Removal Important in Premises Liability Cases| Denver Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

After the weekend winter storm that left heaps of snow, major concern fell on the public sidewalks that seemed to be left neglected. According to 9 News, snow removal of public sidewalks will become more of a priority by Denver city inspectors. City officials will be out enforcing the snow removal on Monday in business […]

A Slip on the Ice Leads to a $68,500 Denver Settlement

On September 27, 2010, 7NEWS reported that the Denver City Council unanimously agreed to pay $68,500 to a Denver woman injured during a slip and fall accident which occurred on an icy sidewalk at the city-owned Wellshire Golf Course in November 2008. The Council adopted the settlement without debate. According to the Denver woman’s lawsuit, […]