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Compensation For The Wrongfully Convicted

The governor of Colorado is expected to sign the Compensation for Persons Wrongly Convicted bill, which would provide financial compensation to some people who are wrongly convicted of crimes in Colorado, according to the Denver Post. More than half of the states in the country already have a law providing some kind of compensation to […]

Questioning The Validity Of DNA Evidence

  Attorneys for the 18-year-old accused of kidnapping and killing Jessica Ridgeway have called into question the validity of DNA evidence offered by the prosecution, according to 9 News. Attorneys for Austin Sigg became aware of three internal contamination memos within the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and have asked that those memos be made available […]

Mandatory Minimums: More Harm Than Good?

The Denver Post reports a scathing audit of the state concerning the treatment of convicted sex offenders in the state. By statute, sex offenders in Colorado receive mandatory treatment in prison, before they can be paroled. Currently, only about one out of every six people in Colorado prisons for sex offenses are able to begin […]

Opinion Piece On The Dangers Of Mandatory Minimum Sentences

  Former United States Senator Robert Bennett of Utah wrote an opinion piece for the Deseret News out of Salt Lake city, in which he discusses the dangers of mandatory minimum sentences for criminal offenses. His primary point in writing the piece is that the recent trend toward involvement by the federal government in fairly […]

Roll Over Car Crash on 50th Street

Tampa Bay Online reported that a woman was seriously injured in a car crash on 50th street under Interstate 4. When police reported to the scene one car was on its side. The police reported that it was a two car crash. In the one vehicle that was overturned there was a woman and her […]

DUI Accident Leads to Trial | Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Denver Post reports a vehicular homicide trial involving suspected DUI is ready to go to the jury. The charges are that a woman drove the wrong way on I-25, having had too much to drink, and caused a crash that killed another woman. The state’s case evidently centered on her blood-alcohol level the following […]

EEOC Changes Background Check Guidelines | Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Bottom Line reports on new guidelines that have been adopted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to set up new rules for employers conducting criminal background checks on job applicants. Guidelines have long existed for this purpose, but when the EEOC adopted the old guidelines, criminal background checks on prospective employees were relatively […]

DUI Blood Test Mistakes | Denver DUI Attorney

According to a report in The Denver Post, tests on about 1700 blood alcohol samples that were collected for drunk-driving investigations will have to be rerun by the Colorado Department of Public Health. While some Colorado law enforcement agencies do their own blood testing, and some use private labs, many agencies test samples for DUI […]