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A man was killed while riding his bicycle after being struck by a car in Westminster on October 11th at 2pm. According to the, both the car and the cyclist were heading west on 100th Avenue between Simms and Alkire when the car hit the cyclist. Police are still investigating what led to the tragic accident but according to Westminster Police Investigator Trevor Materasso, the accident occurred near the top of a hill with little to no traffic around. There were no intersections in the vicinity except for one private driveway. There was no bike path or shoulder on that stretch of road and cars are required to yield to cyclists. The cyclist was in his fifties and was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. The driver did stop to try to assist the cyclist but the injuries were too severe and the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. The police have indicated that it is too early to determine what charges will be filed but did note that alcohol was most likely not a factor. 100th Avenue was shut down as a result of the accident and did not reopen until 5pm.

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With the economy and gas prices becoming more and more of a problem for people, many are turning to bicycling as an alternative means of transportation. According to a survey done by the Pedestrian and Bicycling Information Center, approximately 57 million people rode a bicycle at least once during the summer of 2002. They go on to state that in 2009 there were 630 deaths due to bicycle-motor vehicle crashes and 51,000 injuries. Drivers should be aware that cyclists are here to stay and it will benefit everyone to share the road.

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