B-Cycle Program Progressing in the Downtown Area | Denver Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Biking around the city of Denver is becoming more and more popular in our society. With the economy in a recession and higher gas and parking prices, riding your bike is financially more appealing to many. According to the CBS Denver News, Denver is expanding the B-cycle program that allows people to rent bicycles on an hourly basis to get around town. These rental bikes are known locally by their red racks pay station. The company has received two grants worth 1 million dollars that will be used to purchase more bikes and new stations located throughout the downtown neighborhoods. Among the new locations is Colfax and Union Station. These new B-cycle bicycles will be available in March. This new transportation option to Denver city dwellers will hopefully further reduce traffic within the city and as a result reduce traffic accidents as well.

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Vehicle accidents are devastating and have the potential to do considerable damage. Being able to reduce horrific crashes is the goal of everyone within the community. Riding your bike can reduce traffic congestion within the city that can become very grueling during rush hour times. This reduction could ultimately lessen the number of injury due to dangerous traffic accidents.

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