Apartment Construction On The Rise | Denver Construction Attorney

According to 9News.com, there may be some good news for construction companies in what continues to be a very sluggish economy. With many people in the Denver area unwilling or unable to buy houses, it appears that new construction of apartment buildings may be rising. Although apartment construction probably won’t add the numbers of jobs that we might like, they have contributed to economic growth for the last two quarters. In the past 12 months, permit requests to build apartment have gone up 63%. Permit requests generally indicate that a project is in the works. Of course, there are some difficulties with apartment construction as opposed to single family home construction, but this may still be a positive sign.

Is your company involved in a dispute with another contractor?  Speak with a Denver construction attorney to discuss your options.Of course, every contractor knows that there can be hitches in a project other than permits and financing. It is an unfortunate fact of the construction business that not every company does business in good faith. As you do the work on your portion of a project, whether you do the concrete, the roof, the plumbing or electrical or whatever, you depend on a lot of other people doing their work correctly in order to do your job correctly. We all know that occasionally this inter-dependence results in disputes that we are unable to handle on our own.

If you are a contractor who has a dispute with another contractor over a project that you have worked on, contact a dedicated Denver construction attorney as soon as possible. Jeffrey Knoll is an experienced construction attorney who can mediate your dispute in order to try to avoid the civil justice system, but can also work with the courts if mediation does not work out. Jeff has the experience and the understanding of the construction business and the building process that you need in order to get the best possible outcome for your company. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact Jeffrey at (303)985-1185.

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