26 Year Old Woman Killed in Light Rail Accident – Denver Light Rail Accident Attorney

A 26-year old woman was killed when she was struck by an RTD light rail train near 24th and Welton, according to 9NEWS.com. Witnesses say that Jessica Lubken had stood on the tracks and waved the train to a stop, then stepped to the side of the train and was dragged under it as it began to run again. RTD spokesman Scott Reed could not comment on the details of the accident while it is pending investigation. He did say that there are some circumstances under which a train may have to wait in one place for a few minutes, during which times drivers are allowed to let passengers off if they use the bell to request it. He when on to indicate that passengers are never supposed to board the train, except at designated light rail stations. The accident is being investigated not only by RTD, but by Denver Police homicide investigators. 24th and Welton has been the site of five light rail accidents, although this was the first fatal one.

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In general, light rail is a very safe mode of transportation, with less than 500 injuries and under 20 fatalities annually in the United States according to the Federal Transit Administration. Compared to many other modes of transportation, these are very low numbers, which makes this accident all the more tragic.

If you have lost a loved one in a Denver light rail accident, the most important thing is to care for your family during this difficult time. Knowing whether there has been negligence in the accident can be very complicated, especially at a time when your focus is on your family’s grief. An experienced Denver light rail accident attorney can evaluate the details of your accident, and help you decide whether you should pursue a legal claim. Andrew Bubb is a compassionate, dedicated attorney who can protect your family’s rights while you grieve your loss. For more information, and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact Andrew at 1(800)773-4492.

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