Suit Filed in Skiing Accident

The Aspen Daily News reports on a lawsuit that has been filed in Pitkin County District Court over a skiing accident that took place at Aspen Mountain. A Basalt fan who was seriously injured in a collision with another skier, a man from Wisconsin, is suing the other man. Thomas Waltner believes that the other skier was in violation of the Colorado Skier Safety Act, which requires every skier to be in control of their speed and course at all times. Waltner says that the accident happened as the other man tried to pass him on the slope, but that even though there was room to pass, the other skier crashed into him. Waltner did not see the other skier come up behind him, and was knocked down by the impact. He suffered various injuries, which, according to the lawsuit, may be permanent and prevent him from enjoying many of his usual activities.

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While we often hear about skiers being seriously injured, and many people can name a handful of celebrities who have been killed in skiing accidents, the fact is that a relatively small number of skiers are seriously hurt or killed each year relative to the number of people who ski. In many cases, when someone is seriously hurt, it is because the person is skiing out of control, or because they collide with someone who is skiing out of control. While it may be difficult to enforce laws such as the Colorado Skier Safety Act, they are there to help ensure the safety of a hobby that clearly does carry some inherent risk of injury.  A dedicated Denver injury lawyer can help.

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