Red Light Cameras Improve Intersection Safety | Pueblo Vehicle Accident Attorney

We have all seen the little cameras strategically placed at certain red light intersections but do we really know the impact that they have on our general safety? According to The Pueblo Chieftain, red light cameras have decreased the number of car collisions at two major Pueblo intersections. The intersections of Thatcher and Prairie and of U.S. 50 at Norwood Avenue have both seen an impressive drop in side impact accidents since the installment of automatic cameras in 2009. The city traffic engineer has reported that broadside collisions have dropped from around 26 percent to about 5 percent over two years and has therefore made these intersections more safe for travelers. Even though these red light cameras appear to be beneficial in these cases, many complaints throughout other local cities claim the cameras are intrusive and have little impact on traffic safety.

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Traffic safety is a major concern for officials and if red light cameras are showing positive statistical evidence of producing fewer accidents then the city of Pueblo should support the attempt. Vehicle collisions are devastating for everyone involved and all safety procedures should be utilized by the government as well as by the drivers themselves.

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