Proposed Cell Phone Ban While Driving – Colorado Springs Distracted Driving Lawyer

The use of cell phones or any other electronic devices while driving can cause numerous traffic accidents. These unnecessary distractions cause the driver to take their eyes and their focus away from the road. According to 9 News, the National Transportation Board (NTSB) has proposed the statewide ban of cell phones and other portable electronics among drivers. They are campaigning the slogan “take the great hang up pledge” in order to promote their unanimous decision to ban all electronics while driving. This ban would include both hands free and hand held devices except in emergency situations. Some states have laws in place already but it is the hopes of this committee that the ban would exceed all other state regulations and laws. This nationwide focus is due to the increasing numbers of traffic accidents caused by texting, phone calls, and other distractions seen in recent years.

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People do not realize how dangerous using your cell phone while driving can be. The board has issued this ban as a response to a tragic multi-vehicle collision that occurred in Missouri last year involving texting while driving that killed two young people and injured thirty-eight additional people. Distracted driving caused this devastating accident and therefore it is the NTSB’s mission to reduce these distractions by enforcing this new ban throughout the country.

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