Morning Commute Brings Dangerous Head On Collision | Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

Due to the force of impact that head on collisions cause for the passengers of the vehicle, serious injuries such as neck and head injuries are very common. When head on collisions occur at top speeds on highways, countless devastating injuries are possible. According to CBS News, three people were seriously injured during the morning commute in a head on collision on Highway 85 in Castle Rock. The crash involved a blue Hyundai and a gold SUV that collided with each other head on. The accident occurred around 7:20a.m. and caused Highway 85 to be closed for an hour while the crash was cleared and investigated by police. Both drivers were rushed to local hospitals with serious injuries as well as a passenger in the SUV. It is still being determined who was at fault for the crash and what caused the incident.

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Common factors involved in dangerous head on collisions are inattention to the road, fatigue, or distracted driving behaviors. Head on collisions are often due to a vehicle crossing over the center double line or median going directly into the path of on coming traffic. These types of collisions also occur when a vehicle goes down a street going in the wrong direction.

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