Criminal Defense FAQ

On any given day, you can check the local newspaper crime blotter page and see a laundry list of crimes that police have begun investigating. In many cases, an arrest has been made, in some there has been nothing. The tendency is that these crimes are minor. Or at least, they are not serious enough or interesting enough to merit their own article in the paper. Many of these crimes are misdemeanors. Something important that anyone should understand is that the people arrested for these crimes, minor though they may be, still need aggressive representation from an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney.

Have you been accused of a crime in Colorado? Speak with a dedicated Denver criminal defense attorney right away to discuss your options.

It is a mistake for someone who has been arrested to think that a misdemeanor shouldn’t be taken seriously. Some misdemeanors carry the possibility of up to a year in jail. More important are the other repercussions. There is certainly an excellent chance that you will lose your job, and in some professions you may never be able to get another one, having to leave your chosen career. You may find relationships with family members and friends change, as some people jump to conclusions about your character based on what happened. The fact is, if you have been charged with any crime, you need the assistance of a dedicated Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately.

Contact a Boulder, Denver, or Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney today if you have been charged with any crime. Protecting your rights needs to be your very first priority. An experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between having charges dismissed and having to stand trial. Or it can be the difference between probation and jail time. The fact is that you need help from someone who understands how the system works, and speak up for you, protecting your rights, and getting the best possible outcome from a bad situation. For more information, contact an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer today.

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