Colorado City Semi-Truck Rollover Crash | Pueblo Trucking Accident Lawyer

According to the Denver Post, a semi-truck carrying a shipment of the popular sports drink Gatorade, rolled over near Colorado City along Interstate 25. The accident occurred 4 in the morning and shut down northbound lanes of I-25. Two passengers were in the semi at the time of the crash. Both passengers were removed from the truck by emergency first responders and then airlifted to a local hospital with serious injuries. No other vehicles were reported to be involved in the accident and officials are still investigating the cause of the dangerous roll over crash. Luckily, the supply of Gatorade was not hazardous as many shipments of other fatal trucking accidents can be.

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Commercial trucks heavily populate Colorado highways and therefore it is extremely important to know how to properly drive among the large trucks in order to keep everyone on the road safe. Be aware of blind spots and road conditions and always allow for plenty of space between you and the truck.

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