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Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer Sarah Christensen has successfully defended a client against murder and kidnapping charges, according to the Gazette. Ms. Christensen believes that her client, who was accused of murder, accessory to murder and kidnapping in a Colorado Springs killing in July, was over-charged. Jurors agreed that there was reason to doubt his guilt of murder and kidnapping. In a tragedy that occurred after a drug deal gone wrong, two men tried to find a drug dealer they felt had cheated them. The man who was to lead the two ended up dead. Ms. Christensen said in her closing argument that her client was “shocked” that the man with him opened fire, and went on to say that he felt terrible about the way things went that day. While she did say that he needs to be held accountable as an accessory for the part that he played, he was not guilty of kidnapping or of murder. The jury deliberated for five hours and agreed unanimously with Ms. Christensen. Her client will have to serve time because of the accessory charge, but he has been spared the life sentence that the excessive charges would have incurred.

Are you facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation? Speak with a dedicated Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer immediately to protect your rights.

Our criminal justice system is intended to ensure that people who have been accused of crimes get every possible opportunity to show that they did not, or at least may not have, committed the crime in question. Everyone involved in the system, which is quite complicated, has an interest in justice, but also has an interest in seeing their own viewpoint win out. People charged with crimes have rights, but the average person probably doesn’t know how to protect those rights. The only person in the system whose role is solely to protect the rights of the accused, is the criminal defense attorney. A dedicated, experienced criminal defense attorney can ensure that your rights are secure as you speak with police while they investigate a crime, as well as prosecutors if you have been charged with a crime.

If you have been charged with a crime in Colorado Springs, whether it is a misdemeanor, a murder charge or anything in between, speak with an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer immediately to protect your rights. Sarah Christensen has defended countless clients against criminal charges. Every case is different, and Sarah’s legal expertise gives her the ability to adapt her defense strategy to the details of your case. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION contact the Law Office of Sarah Christensen today at (719)634-7770.

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