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5 steps to help you prepare for a Child Custody Case in Colorado

Establishing, adjusting and changing child custody agreements should be done through the state’s family court and a person must be prepared before pleading the case in court. Here are five steps which can help prepare for the child custody case One should know which type of child custody he/she wants. The types of child custody […]

New Colorado law to give legal protection to corporate do-gooders

  A bill establishing public benefit corporations called as B corps recently passed in the Colorado legislature and has been sent to Gov. John Hickenlooper for signature. According to Hickenlooper’s spokesman, the bill is under review. Under the bill, Colorado companies may enjoy legal protection for doing good deeds other than just focusing on the […]

CDOT to Review Construction Zone

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will review the construction zone on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon after another fatal accident, according to 9 News. The five mile stretch of I-70 that is under construction has seen two fatal car accidents in six weeks. A CDOT spokeswoman has said that there is always a review of […]

Suit Filed in Skiing Accident

The Aspen Daily News reports on a lawsuit that has been filed in Pitkin County District Court over a skiing accident that took place at Aspen Mountain. A Basalt fan who was seriously injured in a collision with another skier, a man from Wisconsin, is suing the other man. Thomas Waltner believes that the other […]

1 Dead in Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle accident on U.S. 36 resulted in the death of the rider, according to 9 News. A police officer had seen the man driving at high speed and attempted to pull him over, but gave up the pursuit. The motorcyclist continued at high speed, apparently trying to squeeze between two cars, but hit one […]

Criminal Defense FAQ

On any given day, you can check the local newspaper crime blotter page and see a laundry list of crimes that police have begun investigating. In many cases, an arrest has been made, in some there has been nothing. The tendency is that these crimes are minor. Or at least, they are not serious enough […]

No Jail Time in Manslaughter Case | Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Law Firm

According to the Gazette, a Colorado Springs man will avoid jail time after having been charged in the killing of his close friend. A fall down some stairs during a fight took the life of a 22-year-old man. The man’s mother has said that she forgives his friend, despite the fight, and did not support […]

Calhan Rollover Injures One | Colorado Springs Car Crash Lawyer

The Gazette reports a sixteen year old driver who was thrown from his SUV was transported to Memorial Hospital by Flight For Life. He was listed in critical condition. The wreck occurred in Calhan, east of Colorado Springs when the young driver drifted off the road to his left and rolled his Isuzu Rodeo twice. […]

Client Cleared of Murder | Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer

Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer Sarah Christensen has successfully defended a client against murder and kidnapping charges, according to the Gazette. Ms. Christensen believes that her client, who was accused of murder, accessory to murder and kidnapping in a Colorado Springs killing in July, was over-charged. Jurors agreed that there was reason to doubt his […]

Colorado Springs Man Found Negligent In Wrongful Death Case

A Colorado Springs man was found negligent in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of the victim and ordered to pay $260,000. According to the Gazette, he was convicted of manslaughter in 2003 for stabbing a man. The conviction was later overturned and he reached a deal to serve two years in prison. […]