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Car accidents may occur for many different reasons but many times it is due to the negligence of the driver. When car thefts occur everyone on the road is susceptible to damages. The local news of CBS Denver has reported a vehicle hijacking that went seriously wrong when the thief realized there was a young child in the back seat. The incident occurred on Monday afternoon at the intersection of 6th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. The woman driving the vehicle with the 3 year old child was the child’s nanny. She stopped the vehicle and got out after witnessing an older man fall down. She claims she stepped out of the vehicle and then just as quickly someone took off with the vehicle and the child. It was then that the nanny stopped a random car to help assist her in following the stolen vehicle. The thief abandoned the car a few blocks away and fled on foot. The child inside the vehicle was uninjured and no other damages were reported. Even though no one was injured in this attempted theft, it easily have been a different story under slightly different circumstances.

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According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, there were a total of 794,616 vehicles stolen during the year 2009. These vehicle thefts caused an estimated damage of $5.2 billion. This number does not even include the injuries or fatalities that these vehicle thefts may have resulted in. Being reckless and dangerous may result in serious consequences.

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