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Attempted Robbery of Local Convenient Store | Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

An attempted theft can be a very serious offense in Colorado Springs. Theft can include shoplifting, identity theft, credit card fraud and any other means of stealing someone’s personal property. According to The Denver Post, The Colorado Springs Police Department is on the hunt for a woman who attempted to rob a local convenient store. […]

Ski Accident Leaves Snowboarder Facing Charges | Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents on the ski slopes can be very dangerous and unpredictable with more crowds of people visiting Colorado ski resorts. According to the, a young boy who was skiing in Aspen last season and was injured after being struck by a 22 year old snowboarder. The snowboarder, Travis Luffman, is being charged with reckless […]

Failure to Report Defective Toy Proves Costly | Pueblo Product Liability Lawyer

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that the toy company, Henry Gordy International, Inc. of Plainfield, N.J, has agreed to a settlement in a failure to report a product safety defect case concerning one of their toys. A toy gun known as the Auto Fire Target Set, included the plastic gun, plastic darts, […]

Casa Bonita Filed for Bankruptcy | Front Range Bankruptcy Attorney

Casa Bonita has been a beloved restaurant amongst Coloradans since it was built in 1974. It is highly recognized within the state and has even been featured on popular television shows. It came as a shock to many when it was announced that the colorful restaurant had recently filed for bankruptcy. According to 9 News, […]

Fatal Car Accident Leaves 1 Student Dead and 2 Others Injured | Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer

A devastating car accident near Colorado Springs in Elbert County left one high school student dead and two others in critical condition. According to 9 News, two cars collided in a fatal crash on Tuesday October 11th at 2pm on County Road 21. According to the Elizabeth School District, one car, a Buick going East […]