5 steps to help you prepare for a Child Custody Case in Colorado

Establishing, adjusting and changing child custody agreements should be done through the state’s family court and a person must be prepared before pleading the case in court.

Here are five steps which can help prepare for the child custody case
One should know which type of child custody he/she wants. The types of child custody are given below:

• Joint custody, also called shared custody, is one of the types in which the court grants custody to both parents.
• Sole custody is that type of custody in which custody is given to only one parent. In sole custody, only the parent who gets custody can make decisions related to their child.
• In Legal custody, the parent given custody has the right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing. With sole legal custody, a person can make decisions not considering what the other parent wants for the child. With joint legal custody, both parents make decisions about their child’s medical care, religious affiliation or schooling.
• With Physical custody, a child lives with the parent who is given custody but the other parent can also make decisions for him/her.
One should know the Colorado child custody law
Under the child custody law in Colorado, decisions are made based on what is in the best interests of your child and what is good for him/her.
There are many factors which are considered by the judges while making a child custody decision. Judges view information and details of any history of abuse or neglect and similar factors. Wish of the child, wishes of the parents and the interaction each parent has with the child is also considered important while making the decision. Other than that, the physical and mental health of the child and the parents are viewed. The last factor which is considered by the judges is whether the court decision will change the life of the child for the better or not, such as community or schooling.
A person should give the parenting plan to the court
A child custody plan that a person makes should include important things related to the child such as how much time you’re planning to spend with the child and what are the things that you can do better than the other parent. The plan should also include details about how you and the other parent are planning to settle disputes without affecting and involving the child.
A parent who wants to get the child custody plan has to give the parent plant where he/she filed the petition or an answer to the other parent’s child custody request.
Collect proof
Proof is required depending on the cause and type of custody a person wants. For example, if a parent wants to get sole physical and legal custody due to abuse, he/she needs proof of the abuse.
Preparation for the case before going to court
A person should discuss the case with his/her attorney about the written statement or go over his/her court petition with their lawyer before going to court.
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Colorado Customware Inc. requests approval for sale


FORT COLLINS – The Fort Collins software company with the name of Colorado Customware Inc., which is operating under bankruptcy protection, is seeking approval for sale of its assets to a Canadian company operating with the name of Canada-based N. Harris Computer Corp. for $3.25 million in cash.

According to documents filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado, the purchase price will cover one third of the company’s 10 million dollars in liabilities.

On 25th of November, the deal will be closed by the companies.

If the deal is approved, the Canadian company which sells software will purchase software and other assets from Colorado Customware.

On 17th of July, Colorado Customware Inc (CCI) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and said it had given money to more than two hundred creditors. The bankruptcy was filed in U.S. District Court, Colorado Division, citing assets of up to $50,000 and debts of between $10 million and $50 million owed to about 480 creditors. The largest creditor, Verus Bank of Commerce in Fort Collins, is owed more than $7 million for a loan it made to the company. According to court documents, some of the other creditors include Vision Appraisal in Massachusetts at $2.6 million and Marshall & Swift in Wisconsin at $815,000 holding the largest unsecured claims.

The complete list of creditors was provided with names of banks and governmental entities from Tennessee, to a consortium of Utah counties, to the state of Washington, including Larimer County.

Initially, CCI settled its dispute with the Larimer County Treasurer’s office when the county cancelled a contract after three years of working with the software. CCI agreed to pay $250,000 in monthly payments of $3,333.33 but they paid only three payments beginning in January and then stopped.

According to court documents filed on 20thSeptember, Verus Bank has agreed to the sale. The court approved $100,000 in debtor-in-possession financing from Verus to Colorado Customware to bridge through a sale process, according to the filing of 27th of September.

A court filing signed by Colorado Customware attorney Michael Pankow states that Colorado Customware “believes the other lien holders have consented by agreeing or acquiescing in the sale”.

Chief executive officer of Colorado Customware, Lori Burge didn’t comment.

Last year, sixty jobs were cut by Colorado Customware after it completed 1 of its projects, said Burge. The software company developed software for use by county governments which complained that they had issues with software. The company had agreed to give back 250,000 dollars to Larimer County in a settlement connected to faulty software.

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New Colorado law to give legal protection to corporate do-gooders


A bill establishing public benefit corporations called as B corps recently passed in the Colorado legislature and has been sent to Gov. John Hickenlooper for signature. According to Hickenlooper’s spokesman, the bill is under review.

Under the bill, Colorado companies may enjoy legal protection for doing good deeds other than just focusing on the profits of a company.

14 other states in which the District of Columbia is also included have enacted B-corp laws.

Businesses are obligated to maximize economic returns to shareholders, under normal corporate structures. That leaves officers working for the firm to face legal action if they choose to use company resources for non business causes.

A Greenwood Village business attorney who helped draft the Colorado law, Herrick Lidstone said, “A benefit corporation gives the (company) directors the ability to pursue public benefits without looking over their shoulders and wondering if they’re going to get sued by shareholders”.

According to the Colorado bill, benefit corporations are “intended to produce a public benefit and to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner” while also balancing shareholder interests.

B-corp status can be applied to private or publicly owned companies. Shareholder lawsuits that accuse companies of violating fiduciary duties are rare especially in private companies, but they can be filed by shareholders to decrease profits.

The bill states public benefits in which corporate support for artistic, charitable, cultural, economic, educational, environmental, literary, medical, religious, scientific or technological causes are included.

Supporters of Colorado measure include New Belgium Brewing, Namasté Solar and Boulder-based clothing and equipment firm GoLite. Chief executive of Namasté Solar, Blake Jones said, “We are big supporters of the concept. We want it to be possible for companies to exist for more than just maximizing return to shareholders. That’s what you want in your community — companies that are not solely looking at the bottom line”. Namasté already works like a B corp; the company donates 20% of its after-tax profits to charities.

Since states began passing bills in 2010, nearly two hundred companies have filed for B-corp status.

The most outspoken critic, State Sen. David Balmer, R-Centennial said, “I just don’t see where this is going to end up. Corporate law should be focused on maintaining shareholder value. We have an area of our statutes reserved for religious and charitable purposes, through nonprofit entities”. He also argued against a provision of the bill that allows shareholders to file suit if a B corp fails to live up to its public-benefit obligations.”Corporate law should remain focused on business governance issues. Derivative lawsuits should not be used this way,” he added.

According to a Philadelphia attorney who provided legal help to B-corp supporters, William Clark, the bill is supported by many Republicans and business-advocacy groups. Clark said, “It’s what Republicans and conservatives believe in. They see that it’s not a new government program, it’s not a tax. It’s very consistent with conservative ideals”.

Director of sustainability at New Belgium, Jenn Vervier said, “It is appealing to us in that it formally states our long-held belief that our true stakeholders include not just our shareholders but our co-workers, the community and the environment as well”.

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CDOT to Review Construction Zone

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will review the construction zone on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon after another fatal accident, according to 9 News. The five mile stretch of I-70 that is under construction has seen two fatal car accidents in six weeks. A CDOT spokeswoman has said that there is always a review of highway conditions after fatal accidents. If the department determines that the road conditions played a role in the accidents, then a change will be made. CDOT is working on obtaining copies of the two accident reports so that traffic engineers can study them for any causes that CDOT may be able to correct.

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured in a traffic accident? Contact an experienced Colorado personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your options.

Each year, there are over million traffic accidents across the country. Every accident is different, often with multiple contributing causes. Most of them do not result in physical injury, although there are over one million each year that do. In addition, there are over 30,000 fatalities each year. Many of these tragic accidents are caused bu one driver simply ignoring the law, or basic safety. In some of these cases, that driver may face criminal charges in Denver. Even if the driver is charged, the victim of the crime may be entitled to recover financial compensation to cover the costs of their injuries.

Contact a dedicated Denver car accident attorney immediately to discuss your options if you have been seriously injured by the negligent behavior of someone else. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. An experienced Denver auto accident lawyer can help. Many Denver personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you pay a fee only if they recover money for you. You should never have to face financial hardship as a result of someone else’s lack of care. For more information, speak with a Pueblo car accident attorney today.

Suit Filed in Skiing Accident

The Aspen Daily News reports on a lawsuit that has been filed in Pitkin County District Court over a skiing accident that took place at Aspen Mountain. A Basalt fan who was seriously injured in a collision with another skier, a man from Wisconsin, is suing the other man. Thomas Waltner believes that the other skier was in violation of the Colorado Skier Safety Act, which requires every skier to be in control of their speed and course at all times. Waltner says that the accident happened as the other man tried to pass him on the slope, but that even though there was room to pass, the other skier crashed into him. Waltner did not see the other skier come up behind him, and was knocked down by the impact. He suffered various injuries, which, according to the lawsuit, may be permanent and prevent him from enjoying many of his usual activities.

Has another person’s reckless behavior caused a member of your family serious injury? Speak with an experienced Denver personal injury lawyer today to discuss your options.

While we often hear about skiers being seriously injured, and many people can name a handful of celebrities who have been killed in skiing accidents, the fact is that a relatively small number of skiers are seriously hurt or killed each year relative to the number of people who ski. In many cases, when someone is seriously hurt, it is because the person is skiing out of control, or because they collide with someone who is skiing out of control. While it may be difficult to enforce laws such as the Colorado Skier Safety Act, they are there to help ensure the safety of a hobby that clearly does carry some inherent risk of injury.  A dedicated Denver injury lawyer can help.

Contact an experienced Colorado personal injury attorney today if you have been injured because of another person’s careless or negligent behavior. No matter what you are doing, whether you are skiing, driving, working, or playing, each person has an obligation not to do things that can reasonably be expected to hurt someone. If you or a loved one have been injured by someone else’s negligence, contact a dedicated Colorado injury attorney who has experience working with accident like yours as soon as possible. You may be entitled to collect financial compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and more. For more information, speak with a Denver personal injury attorney today.

1 Dead in Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle accident on U.S. 36 resulted in the death of the rider, according to 9 News. A police officer had seen the man driving at high speed and attempted to pull him over, but gave up the pursuit. The motorcyclist continued at high speed, apparently trying to squeeze between two cars, but hit one of them. He was thrown from his bike, and subsequently hit by a pick-up truck. He was wearing a helmet, but died at the scene. Police are not sure whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the incident. It appears that no one else was seriously injured in what had the potential to be an even more serious accident.

Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s reckless driving? Contact an experienced Denver motorcycle accident attorney today to discuss your options.

Each year, over 1.5 million people are injured in car accident across the country according to data provided by the Department of Transportation. With the incredible forces that can occur on impact in a car accident, in many terrible injuries such as spinal cord inju8ries,. With high potential for long-term health effects, make these accidents even more traumatic and expensive than they already were. Spinal cord injuries, including whiplash, can leave their victims needing medical care for months or years into the future. The bills accumulated through years of medical care, sometimes including multiple surgical procedures, can be astronomical. In many cases, the bills far exceed the policy limits of car insurance.

Contact a dedicated Greeley car accident lawyer today if you or a loved one have been seriously injured by another driver’s careless or negligent actions. Your family should not be left to face the burden of huge medical bills alone on top of the physical pain and emotional trauma of a serious spinal cord injury. Many Denver auto accident attorneys work on a contingent fee basis, which means that you pay a fee only after your lawyer successfully recovers financial compensation for you. For more information, speak with a knowledgeable Denver auto accident attorney today.

Criminal Defense FAQ

On any given day, you can check the local newspaper crime blotter page and see a laundry list of crimes that police have begun investigating. In many cases, an arrest has been made, in some there has been nothing. The tendency is that these crimes are minor. Or at least, they are not serious enough or interesting enough to merit their own article in the paper. Many of these crimes are misdemeanors. Something important that anyone should understand is that the people arrested for these crimes, minor though they may be, still need aggressive representation from an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney.

Have you been accused of a crime in Colorado? Speak with a dedicated Denver criminal defense attorney right away to discuss your options.

It is a mistake for someone who has been arrested to think that a misdemeanor shouldn’t be taken seriously. Some misdemeanors carry the possibility of up to a year in jail. More important are the other repercussions. There is certainly an excellent chance that you will lose your job, and in some professions you may never be able to get another one, having to leave your chosen career. You may find relationships with family members and friends change, as some people jump to conclusions about your character based on what happened. The fact is, if you have been charged with any crime, you need the assistance of a dedicated Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately.

Contact a Boulder, Denver, or Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney today if you have been charged with any crime. Protecting your rights needs to be your very first priority. An experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between having charges dismissed and having to stand trial. Or it can be the difference between probation and jail time. The fact is that you need help from someone who understands how the system works, and speak up for you, protecting your rights, and getting the best possible outcome from a bad situation. For more information, contact an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer today.

No Jail Time in Manslaughter Case | Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Law Firm

According to the Gazette, a Colorado Springs man will avoid jail time after having been charged in the killing of his close friend. A fall down some stairs during a fight took the life of a 22-year-old man. The man’s mother has said that she forgives his friend, despite the fight, and did not support criminal charges in the case. A court order sealing the arrest affidavit makes it difficult to know much about what happened that night, other than the fact that one of the men died in the hospital a few days later while the other man was charged in connection with the death. The victim’s mother apparently believes that the tragic outcome was an accident. Under a plea agreement, the man will avoid jail time, serving a suspended sentence and probation, as long as he stays out of further legal trouble.

Are you facing criminal charges in Colorado Springs? Contact an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense law firm right away to protect your rights.

Calhan Rollover Injures One | Colorado Springs Car Crash Lawyer

The Gazette reports a sixteen year old driver who was thrown from his SUV was transported to Memorial Hospital by Flight For Life. He was listed in critical condition. The wreck occurred in Calhan, east of Colorado Springs when the young driver drifted off the road to his left and rolled his Isuzu Rodeo twice. No other vehicle was involved, and the driver was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. After investigation by the Colorado State Patrol, recklessness and inexperience are believed to be primarily responsible for an accident whose consequences could easily have been much more severe than they were.

Has the negligent driving of another driver caused you or your loved one serious injury? Contact an experienced Colorado Springs car crash law firm as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Client Cleared of Murder | Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer

Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer Sarah Christensen has successfully defended a client against murder and kidnapping charges, according to the Gazette. Ms. Christensen believes that her client, who was accused of murder, accessory to murder and kidnapping in a Colorado Springs killing in July, was over-charged. Jurors agreed that there was reason to doubt his guilt of murder and kidnapping. In a tragedy that occurred after a drug deal gone wrong, two men tried to find a drug dealer they felt had cheated them. The man who was to lead the two ended up dead. Ms. Christensen said in her closing argument that her client was “shocked” that the man with him opened fire, and went on to say that he felt terrible about the way things went that day. While she did say that he needs to be held accountable as an accessory for the part that he played, he was not guilty of kidnapping or of murder. The jury deliberated for five hours and agreed unanimously with Ms. Christensen. Her client will have to serve time because of the accessory charge, but he has been spared the life sentence that the excessive charges would have incurred.

Are you facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation? Speak with a dedicated Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer immediately to protect your rights.