Young Man Died Texting And Driving


The parents of a young man who died in a texting and driving accident are hoping that the image of his final, unfinished text message will help prevent other families from experiencing the same pain in the future, according to 9 News. The young man rolled his vehicle after veering into oncoming traffic while looking down at his phone, typing a text message, and was killed at the scene. When police arrived, his final text conversation was on his phone, with an unfinished message that he had been in the middle of sending. The Greeley police chief said that many people tell themselves that they will just send this one quick text, but more often than not, that turns into a habit of texting while driving.

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As tragic as this crash was, many distracted driving accidents are even more tragic, as the person killed is an innocent person who is killed by the distracted driver. According to, over 3,000 people were killed and hundreds of thousands were injured in distracted driving accidents across the country in 2011. 18% of car accidents in 2010 that resulted in injury involved a distracted driver. The fact is, while there are many things that can distract a driver’s attention, sending and reading texts and emails are among the most dangerous.

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