Drinking and Driving Accidents Are at an All Time Low

Most people have been in a situation where after the bars a bunch of friends are figuring out how to get home. Everyone knows that after a night out at the bars most people are too intoxicated to drive. However, there is always that one friend who offers to drive and save everyone the cab fair. However, the average cost of a DUI in the United States is $10,000. Think about all the risks next time before your drive with a buzzed driver or an impaired driver.

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Drunk Driving statistics

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have reported that there were 9,878 drunk driving fatalities in 2011. MADD is excited to present this news because their goal to reduce drunk driving fatalities to 10,000. the first time drunk driving fatalities have fallen below 10,000. Not only did the number of people killed in drunk driving crashes in 2011 drop by 2.5 percent from the number killed in 2010, 10,136, but this decline outpaced the 1.9 percent decrease in overall highway deaths. However, there are still 9,878 families grieving the deaths of family members taken too soon.

Over 32,000 people have died in alcohol related crashes from 2008 to 2011. California, Texas and Florida are the highest ranked states for alcohol crashes resulting in fatalities. However, Colorado had over 400 deaths in alcohol impaired crashes. In November of 2010 over 174 people died in just that month in the United States. Every minute 52 people loose their lives to a drunk driving accident. MADD recognizes that drunk driving is a serious problem all over the nation.

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In the news

According to The Billings Gazette, there was a fatal accident in Big Horn County that killed 4 people. The accident involved a 2006 Dodge Durango going southbound when it crossed into the northbound lanes of East Frontage Road near Dunmore. The Dodge Durango hit a northbound 2000 Ford Mustang even though the driver of the Mustage tried to swerve out of the way. The driver of the mustang died at the Indian Health Service in Crow Agency. The Mustang drivers son, 17year-old and another passenger 19-year old Jefferson Fire Bear both were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The driver of the Dodge was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. His passenger died at the hospital. The report suggests that all 4 of those involved died from the injuries that they sustained in the crash. The police indicated that alcohol played a role in the wreck and possible speeding.

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Gone too soon:

If you have lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident consider your legal options. It is important to first recognize that no amount of financial compensation will bring back your loved one. However, financial compensation can help your family recover. It is very common that after an accident a person is transported to a hospital and sometimes that time in the hospital can create a high bill. It is also very common that an insurance company will act in bad faith and deny a claim. If you have encountered either high medical bills from your recently departed loved one, or an insurance claim being denied it is time to contact a dedicated and experienced lawyer who can make sure that you and your families rights are protected.

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